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Whether you are buying or selling a home, or are involved in a commercial real estate venture, you need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to protect your interests. At the law offices of Sweet & Maier, S.C., our attorneys have been successfully representing clients throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois for many years.

For a consultation to discuss your real estate concerns, contact us online or call 608-291-3958. We are here to help.

Helping You Avoid Legal Pitfalls

There are many potential traps to be aware of in the real estate process. We can help you understand the steps of buying, selling or improving real estate. Our goal is to prevent environmental, zoning, title and other problems. We can help you by reviewing the title, looking for unknown encumbrances or other title defects, and helping you to acquire proper title insurance. We will explain and prepare the necessary legal contracts and closing documents and help you to avoid contract disputes.

Real Estate Law For Businesses

When you start a new business, we can help you decide whether to lease or buy your office or manufacturing facility. Our attorneys are also experienced in land acquisition, land use, zoning, and developing land.

We help our clients buy, sell, develop, renovate, improve, manage, finance and lease residential and commercial real estate, including everything from manufacturing plants and office buildings to resort hotels, apartment buildings and farm operations. Our law firm can help you with your individual or business real estate needs.

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