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A Lifetime Of Protecting Your Interests And The Lakeshore Environment

After years of saving and dreaming of your lakefront home, you have finally purchased the perfect parcel of lakefront property. It is very frustrating to find out that your options are limited for building new structures, especially once you have begun building. Regulations for lakefront development and other land use are strictly enforced.

At Sweet & Maier, S.C., our attorneys assist Walworth County architectural firms, building contractors and property owners in complying with lakefront development regulations and other applicable environmental laws. We will also help you obtain all the necessary building and special lakeshore property development permits.

Our attorneys have spent their careers handling complex legal matters for our clients involving the use and development of lake front property on Geneva Lake, Delavan Lake, Lauderdale Lakes, along rivers and streams, wetlands, and in other environmentally sensitive areas. We keep ourselves aware of all changing laws. We will inform you of any recent developments that may affect your lakeshore property development plans. Contact our Walworth County, Wisconsin, lakefront development attorneys or call us at 608-291-3958 to discuss your environmental law concerns in an initial consultation.

Elkhorn, Wisconsin, Environmental Land Use Attorneys

It is particularly important to understand and comply with wetland delineation boundaries when making plans for lakefront development. The slightest deviation from these boundaries has the potential to cause significant problems.

Our skilled attorneys can help you properly comply with the relevant lakefront development and environmental regulations. You may be forced to stop your renovations and pay a large fine if you fail to obtain the correct permit or fill out the required paperwork accurately.

We work regularly with Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources and other regulatory agencies in order to ensure that you are complying with the most recent wetlands delineation and land use and development regulations, as well as other environmental laws. If you are looking to make improvements to your property, there are most likely regulations and required permits that will affect your project. You are encouraged to discuss the legal requirements of doing so with an experienced attorney before you begin planning; permit violations can cause significant unforeseen costs and delay.

Contact our Elkhorn, Wisconsin, environmental land use lawyers at 608-291-3958 to schedule an initial consultation at our law firm in Elkhorn’s historic Inns of Court Building. We are available for appointments on weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., and other times by arrangement.

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